The Stephen Siller Tunnel To Tower Run – Race Day Recap

The Stephen Siller Tower To Tunnel Run may have started a little late this morning but I would say that it was a great success. There was just a slight delay as the organizers were trying to make sure that all of the runners were able to participate. There were some that had not arrived by shuttle but as far as I know all of the entrants were there at starting time.

One of the announcers said that there were over 1500 entrants for the race. I heard someone say that there were over 1600 but that is not confirmed. All I can say is that there were a lot of runners. It was a very good turnout.

The Race Begins

I started the race running a very slow pace. I was a little concerned how the tunnel would affect me. I could really tell there was a steep grade going in the tunnel as I had to make sure I did not get out of control. The grade going out of the tunnel was pretty strong but it was not as bad as the heat inside the tunnel.

Out Of The Tunnel

Once out of the tunnel it was smooth sailing. According to my Garmin Forerunner 405, each mile I ran got faster and faster. I guess that is easy to do when you are starting out as slow as I did. However, it was still my best time as I improved my previous 5K distance by more than 2 minutes (as per Garmin watch, I will still need to get official results). So I cannot complain about that at all.

Final Stretch Of The Race

Going down the last stretch on Dauphin Street, I found it a little difficult to get around other runners. There was less room and a lot of runners in front of me (most of the ones that passed me previously).

Thanks To The Organizers Of The Stephen Siller Tunnel To Tower Run

All of the runners I encountered were very courteous. I never saw anyone fall and I never heard any rude outbursts. I feel that the organizers of the race did a great job. This includes the volunteers, the military, and the City of Mobile Fire and Police. If I left a group out, please forgive me.

I can say that there was a great feeling of Patriotism in the air. It was a great day for a race. I hope all will remember that day in 2001 that has become known simply as 9/11.

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