Running In A Hurricane

hurricane isaacWell I guess I can say now that I have gone running in a hurricane. The funny thing is I’m pretty much a fair weather runner. The truth of the matter is that Hurricane Isaac has made landfall and the winds here are just about 50 mph since I am on the outer bands of the storm. However, the storm has already made landfall and is still building because it has slowed down.

Anyway, on to the run. I did a 10 minute walk and then a half mile warm up. the wind was really strong and I could really feel a difference with the cross-winds. I’m not sure if it really had an effect on running time because I was only four seconds slower than the time I ran this weekend.

Diagnosed With Plantar Fasciitis

I’m still testing out my foot on short runs since I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last week. I put off going to the foot doc for weeks and even months because my foot kept getting better. I am about 90 to 95% now and I just got a topical solution to apply to the bottom of my foot. This is supposed to really help according to the doctor. I really hope so because I want to get back into running a few races.

I would also like to start lowering my running time again. I just a three runs I have shaved 20 seconds off of my time per mile. Not a bad start. It may be the Insanity Workout that I started. Talk about a workout. You will get one with that program. My legs were on fire after my first workout with Insanity. So much so that my calf muscles were extremely sore for 4 days. When I say extremely, I mean extremely. Now I just have to stay on my diet.

Riding Out Hurricane Issac

So the rest of the night will be spent riding out the storm. Hopefully Issac will gentle to the Gulf Coast. also, I would prefer the next time I go running that it is not in a hurricane.


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