Tell Us About Your First 5K Experience

Tell About Running your First 5K Experience

Tell About Running your First 5K Experience

Have you just run your first 5K race? About Running would love to hear about your first 5K experience. Tell us everything from the first time jitters to the pains you may have felt in your legs during the race. Let other first time runners and readers know what a great experience it is to finish a 5K race. This may help newbies by telling people about your first race.

For me, my first 5K was special. There were so many things I did not expect. What an awesome day it was too because it was on 9/11. There were over 1400 runners there that day.

Tell People About Your First Time 5K Race Details

Please take the time to tell others anything you want about your first big day in running. Tell them about your running time, beating a friend in the race, encouraging¬† others to finish, etc. Tell us about anything you want. All you have to do is type it in the comments section and it will be reviewed and approved by the website administrator. That’s all it is to it. Any entry will be accepted as long as it does not have any material that is not appropriate.

Congratulations on your first 5K!

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