What To Do After The Olympics

The Olympics are coming to a close and I have to admit that I have enjoyed watching it. I’m not into water polo but I have really enjoyed the big time events.

This year saw Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympic champion of all time. This after he admitted that he did not train as hard for this Olympics in London as he had in the past for other ones. I have to admit though that I did not miss a swim event when Phelps was swimming. If you are like me you just want to see history being made.

After it was all said and done, Phelps declared that this will be his last Olympic event and that he does not have the desire to train for the events any longer. We all want to see just how good someone can be but did we even get to see how good Michael Phelps was or is? Did he short change us?


But in his defense it is his life. He gets to choose when and how he goes out and what better way to go out than on top. Far too many time have we seen champions in many sports that we revere hold on too long and perform in the realm of mediocrity at best. So whatever decision Phelps makes, we should all respect it.

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps May Make More Money By Never Competing Again In the Olympics

It’s a hard concept to grasp but some people in the sports world are saying that Michael Phelps will make more money in the long run if he actually retires now. This has to do with the endorsements he receives and what can be shown at the time that the Olympics are actually running. It’s a lot of red tape but just to make it easy, if Phelps is not performing in the Olympics, more Subway ads can be run because he is no longer an Olympic athlete.

It’s hard to imagine that a person could make more money by doing nothing but I guess if you can find that kind of work, you should take it. Does this fall in the category where the government would pay farmers not to grow corn? See the point?

usain boltUsain Bolt “The Legend” In Track and Field

I have to admit I will miss Usain Bolt and his playfulness on the worldwide stage. I have never seen an athlete make it look so easy and have so much fun the same time he is doing it. Bolt is a jokester with not just world class speed but he is at the top of the food chain. He devours all other runners in his path. He is not shy about letting people know it either but somehow he does it in a way that is amusing and does not rub people the wrong way like a Terrell Owens.

How many time have you heard Bolt refer to himself as a legend? Well I lost count but I have to say, he has backed it up. To go back to back in the 100m and the 200m and set a new world record in the team 4x100m relay sounds legendary to me.

The scary part of all of this is that I do not believe we have seen Bolt’s best time yet. Yes he should be slowing down but he is always slowing up right before the finish line. so he has more left in the tank. The only time I can remember him running hard was in the 4x100m relay when his teammates were depending on him. It seemed like he felt the urgency to set a new world record as well as he said that his team was faster than the previous WR set by them.

usa womens track relay teamWhat To Do after The Olympics Are Over?

Now that a couple of weeks has gone by and we have gotten used to tuning in every night to the recorded versions of what NBC has to show us, what will we do to pas the time? I mean we are so used to watching gymnastics, diving and more. And lets not forget about the women performers of track and field. It was as exciting as the men. What a talented field of female runners. It was dominated mostly by the U.S. and Jamaica but there were just so many great runners.

So I guess we can all get back into the swing of things with NASCAR, golf and baseball. Not exciting enough? Well hold on, because college football is just around the corner and the first NFL game starts September 5th when the Giants play the Cowboys.

I think we will manage.

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